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If you are interested in getting involved with the development effort, please see the contact form.

The following is a list of some of the things that need to be done in the development effort.
If you have the skills and are willing to donate your effort, please see the contact form.
If you know someone who has the skills and you think they might be willing to donate their effort, please point them to

To Do

  • Design a low power FM transmitter in the audio Bible so that it can be placed near an ordinary FM receiver for amplification of sound. The power output would have to be low enough to stay within FCC regulations. Apparently the FCC regulations allow transmission in the broadcast band up to about 30 meters (90 feet). This would be sufficient to broadcast to a small village.
  • Work out "alternate" ways to power the audio Bible in remote parts of the world where traditional sources of power are not easily available.

New Design

The first design is based on 3 chips: a speech processor, a microcontroller and a flash chip. This design could be used for low volume production. The second design merges the speech processor and microcontroller into one chip, adds a class-D amplifier to drive an 8 ohm speaker and a non-volatile memory chip to cater for power interruption in solar-powered devices. This design has extra features and is more user-friendly for illiterate people, having audio feedback markers to indicate books and chapters. The third design dispenses with the power amp and is more energy efficient, being suitable for personal use or use by a small group.