The purpose of this ministry is to design portable electronic audio Bible players to make God's word easily accessible in audio form.

It is estimated that a billion or more people in the world are illiterate and thus have no access to the Holy Bible, even if it is printed in their own language. Many of these are people from oral cultures that have no written language. The best way for illiterate people to access the Holy Bible is via audio. Only once an illiterate man has heard God's word and understands what a great treasure it is, is he likely to want to learn to read it.

There are also a couple of billion more people who can read but who do not for one reason or another. These people would also benefit from being able to hear God's word.

Blind people also benefit greatly from listening to God's word. Not all blind people can read braille and even for those who can read braille, audio is far more convenient.

Finally, even for those of us who do read frequently, there are times when our hands and eyes are otherwise occupied (for example when we are driving), but we have time to listen. A great way to use that time is to listen to God's word.