The Third Prototype

This was a prototype developed for Christian Outreach Media (COM). It was based on the second prototype, using the SC-614 processor. COM produced a narration of the Zulu Bible (OT + NT) that was available on 88 CDs (IIRC). By providing it on a portable digital audio Bible player, there was a cost saving as well as the convenience factor of having the media and player in one pocket-sized device.

Prototype for Christian Outreach Media

  • The printed circuit board (PCB) has a number of component footprints that were not populated - these were placed there for experimental purposes.
  • In the bottom right-hand side of the PCB you can see the switching regulator.
  • The speech processor is the large chip just above center to the left. This was the OTP (PROM) version of the SC-614. The production version of this chip is smaller.
  • The small chip just below the speech processor to its left is a non-volatile memory chip (FRAM) for storing the current location in the narration so that when the audio Bible is powered off and on again, the narration continues at about the same point.
  • The large chip on the right side of the PCB is the flash memory. This particular one is a 1 gigabyte chip, but a half gigabyte chip would be more than sufficient for most OT + NT narrations. The Zulu narration is particularly long at over 99 hours (OT + NT), but even that could be made to fit into a half gigabyte flash without a significant loss in sound quality.
  • At the top of the PCB in the center is the headphone jack which could also be used to feed an amplifier.